About Us

Transurban Nigeria (TN) is a wholly owned Nigerian Public Infrastructure Delivery (PID) company with affiliated offshore engineering design / construction companies. TN is a leading edge design consulting outfit in the field of Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering.

Soil, rock and water form the core foundations upon which our capital projects big or small are built. Specialist knowledge of these materials during the early planning phases of a project through to design and construction can ensure success whether it is a road infrastructure, water infrastructure, small or large building development, flooding / erosion control works, tunnel and other related transport infrastructure.

At TN, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the envelope of professional knowledge with a view to better understand our client need, risks and constraints. In doing so, we strive to assist our clients in managing the increasing complication in today’s environment.

Our Vision – To be the preferred provider of technical, project and operational services to our customers.

Our History – TN was established in 2002 but had traded as Fiber Associates in the late 1980’s.

Our Mission – To deliver world class integrated engineering services to our clients at competitive prices.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Our people are dedicated professionals trained to ensure that the interest of our clients remain paramount in our business. We seek to understand our client concerns and we work closely with our technical experts to achieve smart and sustainable outcomes.

Dr Emeka Ezeajugh (Ph.D)

Dr Emeka Ezeajugh (Ph.D) is a Civil Engineer with over 20 years experience in civil engineering design and supervision. He is a consultant in the field of geotechnical engineering and has worked in Nigeria, Europe and Australia. He is a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, a chartered professional engineer of the Institution of Engineers, Australia and a registered practicing engineer in the state of Queensland, Australia. He is gazetted on the National Professional Engineers’ register, Australia. He is also a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers’ as well as a member of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. Dr. Ezeajugh was a member of a 7-man expert technical team that put together a design guideline for the restoration of the battered Queensland public infrastructure after the devastating floods of late December 2010 / early January 2011.  He has received merit awards and was recently nominated for Engineers Australia engineering excellence award. He is Transurban's CEO/Principal Consultant.

Mr Uche Nnoka (M.Sc)

Mr Uche Nnoka (M.Sc) is an economist with over 13 years postgraduate experience in project management, environmental and construction economics. He is an associate member of Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria. Mr Nnoka is Transurban's Business Development Manager and Strategy functions.

Mr. Uche Unigwe (B.Sc)

Mr. Uche Unigwe (B.Sc) is a geophysicist with up to 10 years post graduation experience. His major area of activity is in the field of Applied Geophysics. He is a member of the society of Exploration Geophysicists. Mr Unigwe is Transurban's Manager Resources (Oil and Gas).

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Associated Partners – TN has been and continues to enjoy close working relationships with top level engineering and construction firms in Australia and Europe. Such firms include Ground Environments Pty Ltd, Geognosis A.E and Themeliodomi.

Our Presence

Transurban is an indigenous consulting engineering company dedicated to providing engineering services in Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. The parent company is located in Australia.

Customer Sectors (Public and Private)

  • Infrastructure and Environment
    • Transport
    • Erosion and Flood Control
    • Water and Wastewater
    • Urban Infrastructure
    • Resources Infrastructure
    • Waste Management
    • Ports and Marine Terminals
    • Risk Management
  • Power
    • Coal
    • Liquified Natural Gas
    • Oil and Gas

Consulting Practices

  • Civil Design and Documentation
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Water Solutions
  • Environmental Clean-Up / Management
  • Project Integrity Safety and Risk Management


Latest News

We are a growing company shaping and re-shaping the built environment, thereby contributing to the infrastructural needs of Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region.

Transurban Nigeria

Member of the Nigerian Gas Association.